Studies show that 34% of women and 62% of men fall prey to the urge to check their partner's phone. And the reason for this gesture is not just jealousy. It turns out, that there may be some deeper psychological motives that may push your better half in controlling messages and other personal data on your phone. Here are six of them ...

Your partner has low self-esteem

In most cases, when someone looks at the messages on your cell phone, it comes from the fact that he / she does not feel valuable enough to you, so they feel useless in the relationship you have built together. Even in a lasting, long-term relationship, these people believe that their partner deserves someone better and can therefore be easily attracted to another person, so they want reassurance that their partners are not betraying them.

Your partner is thinking of betraying you

An unhealthy curiosity about your personal life can really be a warning sign for you as it can be a projection of your partner’s deep thoughts. In other words, if a person suspects that something inappropriate is going to happen or is already happening, that person may be the one who is actually doing these inappropriate actions.

Your partner has issues of trust

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. But if your partner thinks you are lying to them, they are more likely to have lied or cheated in the past. After a bad experience, a person usually becomes hypersensitive and any gesture or word spoken by you can raise the alarm in their mind.

Your partner is unable to set healthy boundaries

In any relationship, there must be boundaries, and breaking them is never normal. Your partner needs to understand this. So if you are clear that you respect your personal space and will not allow anyone to invade it, your partner should accept your need for intimacy and more.

Your partner needs attention

Sit down and try to remember how often you talked to your partner during the last month. Have you communicated as you usually do or has there been a significant decrease in the amount of time you spent together? If you haven’t had a good conversation in a long time, you’ve just found the reason for your partner’s strange behavior.

Your partner is not ready for a serious relationship

If your partner prefers to check your phone behind your back instead of talking to you, it could be a sign that he or she is simply not ready for a serious relationship. These types of individuals can explain their behavior in this way, they just want to know who called you, so they don't do it out of jealousy. But, this is another sign of immaturity, which shows that he / she is not ready for another step in the relationship with you!