The most delicate faces are always the ones that show spots under the influence of sunlight, but also the faces that have scars on the face. Care for not creating stains should begin in the winter period, so that, during the summer season, the face is protected from the high impact of sunlight. Creams don't always work, so it's best to prevent the problem early.

It is not just sunlight that creates blemishes on the face, as one might think. Among the factors that affect the appearance of spots are:

The onset of menopause, which is associated with a decrease in the level of female hormones.

If you use contraceptives against pregnancy.

If you are pregnant.

Some types of antibiotics.

Perfumes with alcohol.

How to treat them?

First Mask: Every night, lubricate your face with lemon juice before going to bed, and rinse off the next morning.

Second mask: 1 apple (apple pulp), 1 lemon and a little soda.

Peel an apple, grate it and squeeze the lemon juice. Hold for about 30 minutes and then rinse your face with water, in which you have poured a little baking soda. This is a mask, which will help a lot in irradiating the skin and cleansing it. After a few uses, you will see that the face is completely cleansed.

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