This year we have been looking forward to summer more than ever, after a spring that no one had imagined. But thankfully, we are now in summer and the quarantine is over, so let's think about the beautiful things.

If we understand anything from quarantine, it is the value of freedom and the importance of small things in life. It is these things that make you happy.

If you were planning a vacation abroad and now everything is unsafe, don't worry as you have a real paradise closer than you thought.

You've probably heard of Hotel Splendor, Dhërmi's famous hotel. All those who have spent even one night there, would always like to return. And if you haven't already, now is the best time to do it.

Hotel Splendor is ranked as one of the TOP hotels by TripAdvisor. We who are so close should feel lucky!

Positioned near the sea in one of the most beautiful bays in our country, with a fantastic view and with all the conditions that anyone would like for a vacation, Hotel Splendor provides you with the summer of dreams!

With rooms tailored to your needs, with family suites and suites overlooking the mountain, from the sky (except from the sea, perched) ... with jacuzzi, bluetooth audio system, wirless mobile charger, automatic lights and any other facilities for to make your vacation relaxing and memorable.

Ah, let's not forget without mentioning the SPA without which the holidays don't make sense. After a tiring day at sea, who wouldn’t want to spend some soothing moments in SPA ?!

There is also the pool to make your mornings and evenings even more special. Delicious dishes cooked by Italian chefs, which serve you the taste of the sea directly on your dishes.

Only in Splendor can you enjoy a luxury getaway that will not cost you at all!