Women have about 450 menstrual cycles in their lives! If you think about it, this whole physiological process is not so cheap, because it costs a woman's pocket about six thousand dollars for hygienic products. Often we do not pay attention to these statistics and have no data on the features of our organs, especially when it comes to our periods. We’re going to “hit” this time by dismissing the seven wrong myths we knew to be normal during the days of the menstrual cycle. Attention!

Myth # 1: You are not allowed to take a shower
Some girls avoid the taste of the shower during their cycle because they think hot water promotes bleeding, and others are afraid of getting infected. But it is not a bleeding wound, it is just the endometrium that separates from the endometrial wall. The water will not be able to go that far. A warm bath can be helpful. Hot water improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces menstrual cramps.
Myth # 2: You are not allowed to swim in a pool or sea
Many people think this is bad for women’s health, but it’s not true. First, a tampon or a menstrual cup will not allow water to enter. Second, swimming, as well as other exercises, reduce pain. It is not so easy to get an infection in a pool. According to statistics, in a pool, you risk getting a gastrointestinal, conjunctival or skin disease. To avoid skin irritation after swimming in a pool, take a shower and wear clean clothes.
Myth # 3: Periods are synchronized when women live together
Martha Mcclintock was the first to write about this feature in her 1971 article. In her experience, friends, relatives, and roommates had their periods almost 100% synchronized. The reason was because they exchanged certain pheromones produced by the female body. Subsequent studies have challenged the link between cycles and the frequency of interaction. It turns out that she had not considered several factors and a similar experiment yielded absolutely different results. Today menstrual synchronization has not been proven and is treated as a myth in the scientific community.
Myth # 4: Irregular hair due to cycle
10 facts about periods that turned out to be myths Women claim that this is due to a hormonal imbalance. Scientists were really interested in studying this case and discovered that even if during menstruation the hair is more capricious, it does not have any impact on sebum production. According to the data, messy hair is the result of poor care or a genetic predisposition.
Myth # 5: Strong drinks can affect your menstrual cycle
It's about the dose! Women who consume a lot of alcohol on a regular basis are prone to irregular menstrual cycles, anovulation and amenorrhea. Alcohol abuse has a weak impact on the whole body, not just the reproductive system. If you want to drink a glass of wine or any cocktail during your cycle, it’s OK. Studies show that moderate drinking does not destroy the menstrual cycle and does not affect your health.
Myth # 6: You don't have to wax or get tattoos during the cycle
Some tattoo artists do not recommend that women do such during their periods, as a tattoo can be harmful. Cosmetologists also try to prevent their clients from doing certain procedures such as Botox injections, fillers, etc. But the result depends on the expert.
Myth # 7: You need to tolerate abdominal pain
Yes, almost all women experience this pain, but its intensity can vary. From 45 to 93% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea. 3 to 33% of them experience severe pain: high body temperature, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms that make women really sick for 1-3 days. If the pain doesn't go away for a few days, it's a good idea to talk to a doctor or get a sedative.