The bride-in-law relationship is sometimes complicated, but there are times when the bride and groom go out as friends. Apparently, this is the relationship of Elita Rudi with Gjiko's mother.

Moderator festoon today birthday and mother-in-law has dedicated the most beautiful wish, that every bride would envy.

"Our beautiful bride Elita is celebrating her birthday today. We wish him a long and happy life with health, telling him that we love him very much ", wrote Elita's mother-in-law, Lirije Gjikolli, before sharing a special dedication on Instagram Stories.

"A society like no other from the beginning. A connection that stems from the depths of my heart. There is no other way to say it, it was a dream come true, you became my bride. "

Who wouldn’t want such a relationship with the mother-in-law ?!