You don't have to do much if you want your relationship to last a lifetime ... without much effort! It is not easy nowadays to reach the desired "final", on the altar or forever happy. But by following these 10 simple tips you can maintain a long and lasting relationship, most likely for the rest of your life ...

1. Start the day together

Waking up together is one of the most beautiful things for a couple. Always try to sleep together and wake up hugging every morning.

2. Accept yourself as you are

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. When we find a partner, we fall in love with him, just as he is ... That's why you should never try to change him and you should accept him as he is.

3. Don't take yourself for granted

It’s easy to think that certain things in a relationship are due to you, but getting the other one as safe is the fastest way to lose it.

4. Be generous with compliments

Imagine compliments for a couple. So be generous in doing them. A compliment will improve the day of the partner, but also of those who do it.

5. Make compromises and sacrifices

If you want a relationship that lasts a long time, you have to make sacrifices and some compromises ... both! Love is not the only thing a couple needs to be together forever.

6. Don't judge

Before judging the other, try walking in his shoes.

7. Support and encourage yourself

A couple should support each other, even for no reason!

8. Forgive and forget mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes and forgiveness is important in a couple. Of course we are not talking about repeated mistakes, but about mistakes that black clouds can bring to your relationship.

9. Be open and honest

Honesty always pays off! Always try to tell the truth, even when it hurts ...

10. Laugh together

Laughter is important, don’t forget to always smile.