Every girl should have "at least" a piece in the wardrobe from Zara. Famous brand outfits are functional not only for the office, but also for weekends or for everyday life. The brand has the most sophisticated basic outfits, but also many other modern ones. Each of us should have at least 5 outfits from Zara. But what are they?

Starting from suede bags, work clothes, but also other casual which are more necessary for the day and the occasion.

5 things every girl should have from Zara

# 1: Blouses and shirts, practical

"For t-shirts and shirts, Zara is a safe brand, also because it always proposes new models," says Blair, a fashion editor at the famous brand. "You can only have a white blouse and combine it with everything."

# 2: Dresses with shorts

Some of Zara's outfits may have more than one function. What is otherwise known as 'jumpsuit dresses' are the most comfortable outfit this season. "Zara's dresses are really cool, because some of them have down shorts, so you never have to worry if the dress flies!"

# 3: Suitcase bags

Zara's bags are very strong. "Camouflage bags are expensive, but everyone knows they're high quality and practical," says Blair.

# 4: Short dresses

An outfit that always works, especially in hot weather, are short dresses: “They are very comfortable and incredibly simple to combine with different t-shirts.

# 5: Jeans

The basic elements of clothing are found especially in jeans. "They have a lot of cool variants. Trust the jeans and styles near this brand. You can also try different colors according to the style you prefer the most.