If you are thinking of a holiday in the summer, your mind immediately goes to the sea, where the music mixes with the sound of the waves, the atmosphere intertwines with the aroma of the sea and the endless sky serves as a ceiling ...

One thing is for sure, a yacht party would be the dream destination for anyone who will realize an unforgettable holiday. Such was the last celebration held by Class Events for Vanessa - a special girl full of life, energy and a born class.

At the colorful yacht party, Vanessa celebrated in the presence of her close friends. The holiday dress code was "off white" and was a perfect choice, as it did not match the bright colors of the decor at all.

The predominant colors of the decor were orange and neon pink, and of course the sparkles could not be missing. Also the sweets were combined with the same colors of decor, blending naturally with the white that prevailed in the yacht.

Meanwhile, in the glasses was placed a letter "V" in silver. Even for the photo corner, a "V" was created, all with orange and pink roses, while in the background was the most beautiful view that can exist - the sea that kissed the sky on the horizon.