Should or shouldn't you make up on the beach? It's a question we ask ourselves every time we prepare for the holidays. However, we rarely resist putting on any makeup, whether it's a lipstick, a waterproof mascara or even a BB Cream.

But is it wrong to make up on the beach? No, there's nothing wrong with that, but consider these tips if you don't want to look overwhelmed.

Never forget the sunscreen

Sunscreen should never be overlooked. Apply a cream with high SPF and leave on for 20 minutes, so that it is absorbed by the skin and then you can put on top the powder cream or whatever you want.

Avoid thick foundation

The thick foundation will look very bad, so choose something that is lighter or the foundation you use on a daily basis mix with sunscreen, it will look lighter and more natural.

Use water-resistant products

If you do not want makeup to be hidden from water, sun or sweat, it would be good to use products that resonate with water. Choose a water-resistant eyeshadow and don’t overdo it with the layers you will put on the lashes.

Avoid lip gloss

If you want your lips to be colored, put on a matte lipstick. The lip gloss will slide off the heat.

Do not apply other layers of makeup during the day

The beach is not the right place to put a lot of makeup layers, but use dry napkins to remove grease or sweat from the face during the day.