You can spend your whole life fighting cellulite without getting any results! This may be due to genetics which means that no diet or exercise can help you. However, there are some ways to minimize cellulite and make your body look great. Dermatologists and studies regarding anticellular procedures are these five simple secrets of professionals in this field.

Deep massage
It is a massage that uses a special vacuum device and rollers. Dermatologists say it can help circulate and improve the appearance of the skin. The only problem is that the effects do not last. To get good results, you should have regular deep massage sessions, such as once a week, for example.
There is no scientific evidence that anti-cellulite creams are effective. But they can moisturize your skin to make it look stronger. Your buttocks will look better, but you don’t have to rely on it for a great result. The only thing dermatologists are sure of is that they do not give long-term effects. Therapy should be continued.
Washing the body
Dermatologists say dry washing can be effective, but again, you won’t see great results. Moreover, you need to do this procedure over a long period of time. But the good news is, you can do it yourself at home. Dry washing should be avoided whenever there is an active skin infection, otherwise you risk spreading the surrounding germs. Do this procedure no more than twice a week. If your skin is very irritated, do a dry rinsing session less often, or remove it completely. You can choose any brush made of natural materials.
Equipment based on radio frequency
Research has shown that radiofrequency devices are effective in reducing cellulite. In one study, 16 people were tested. They underwent this treatment twice a week for 6 weeks and had a 71.87% drop in thigh circumference and a 25% improvement in cellulite. By using RF energy to heat fat, your skin becomes stronger and blood circulation increases, which over time helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Professional treatment
Dermatologists say that some special procedures performed by experts can be very effective in reducing cellulite. One of the most useful of these is known as subsection. This manipulation breaks down the hard layers that cause cellulite. But be sure to consult your doctor before doing this treatment.