This Tuesday, two ballerinas were invited to "Rudina", who, in addition to their passion for dancing, also have blood ties, as they are cousins.

In fact they have a strong connection between them that has only recently been revealed. When ballerina Isida Mollaymeri was invited to our program, her cousin, ballerina and weather presenter on TV Klan, Alba Hoxha, while watching the program posted a video where she wrote: 'My cousin'.

This fact surprised us all as no one until now was aware of the close family connection between the two girls.

Rudina: Let's talk a little about your relationship, how connected are you?

Isida Mollaymeri: We are very connected, but since I am the eldest, I have decided not to spread this decision. I'm always very rebellious and when I've seen other people say "this is his girl", I don't like epithets like "Alba of Isis". I decided this at the first moment that Alba came to the theater, because I saw everyone saying "Alba of Isida".

Alba Hoxha: "Isida's cousin", I have always been her pet. When I went to the theater, open that Isida's cousin came.

Rudina: In what years did this happen? A long time ago?

Isida Mollaymeri: A long time ago, 9 years ago, when the "Dream of a Summer Night" took place. I was the first soloist, while Alba was the protagonist with the shells. I loved Alba coming to the theater, despite Alba deciding on television. I also never wanted the nickname "Alba of Isida" to remain.