Hey, we officially entered in July! Despite the strange times coexisting with the "invisible enemy" and the coronavirus every day, there is something that still gives us a little hope ... the stars! What surprises have they reserved for us and for the 12 signs of the Zodiac? What sign do you belong to? Find out now what astrology says about you and what is expected to happen to you this month! The prediction of the stars is here! Ready?

If things don’t go according to plan this month, don’t be discouraged. It’s not that you’re not doing enough or doing the wrong thing. You just can’t do it alone or without someone else’s help. Big changes are coming to your life and career. Despite the tremendous work you do (exciting ready), don’t forget to find time for fun.

You can spend this month focusing on your regrets and all the things you should have said, done, etc. Or, you can get rid of the past and focus on everything you can do now. You need more than you can imagine. Having time to do the right things for yourself and focus your energy right here is fantastic. Never lose hope.

This month pushes you to clear the list of unhealthy relationships so you can fill the space with things and people who are in a better alignment with who you are. Some of these jobs will require admission on your part. They will require effort to “escape” old stories, especially about your values. So, beware!

This month will test you, in terms of self-confidence and your abilities. Of course you are more than capable, but you will have to prove it. What you should not do is commit to others, even if they try to blame you or force you. In other words, you exist for people to see you and know you for who you are, not as they want you to be!

You can do that! This is the message you need to keep in mind this month as there may be some obstacles or blockages in the way to make your dreams come true. While you need to pay attention to detail, don’t let fear and perfectionism get in your way. Let yourself be free to see the right results. Prioritize health and self-care.

You have learned to express yourself freely when it comes to sentimental life and passions. July brings you one last quiz, so be prepared to show your best. The possibilities are many! Leave yourself free in front of new people and a new path.
This month pushes you to deal with feelings and tensions that may have been an obstacle for you. An action or shift can be noticeable as you pursue your larger goals. Don’t let the past, or guilt, or fear of loneliness stop you from taking the reins of your future.
You are proud of what you know and your ability to stand 10 steps ahead. But this month you need less effort to understand things and assuming the worst, you need to believe the fact that there are still things you don’t know. With all the confidence you have in others, you need to be a little more careful. Your career gets another boost this month.
This month pushes you to change course, especially if you are stuck in a situation where you have been taken for granted or have not managed your resources properly! In other words, something you've worked hard for starts to pay off in your career and love. Just don’t let the lack of patience or a moment of uncertainty jeopardize your progress.
You may end up getting busy with people this month as you are forced to find other ways to meet your needs. Now is not the time for stoicism or controlling; now is the time to rely on, open up, and be gentle with others. Love life and fall in love despite your perceived flaws.
Fear, sadness, anger, these emotions are all but human experience and as you are experiencing new sensations, remember that you are not alone. Take care of yourself. And if you are unable to do so, seek help. People will come to you, no doubt. Many, don't forget to give yourself credit where you need it, even for small things.
While things may not necessarily go the way you planned, that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you want. It means you have to work hard to find joy now, in the midst of worry. Remember, you are resilient and powerful. Continue to make yourself an advantage, even if you have to make extra effort.