More than 1,500 artists, including Rita Ora, Sir Rod Stewart and Coldplay, have signed a letter warning that the future is "bleak" for hundreds of thousands of workers in the sector.

Dua Lipa, Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, Sam Smith, Liam Gallagher, Iron Maiden, Lewis Capaldi and Little Mix have joined the action request.

They have written a letter to the Secretary of Culture, Oliver Dowden, calling for specific support from the sector.

This request was made at the moment when the start of this summer's live music season would start.

Festivals such as "Glastonbury", "Reading" and "Leeds" have all been canceled due to coronavirus.

The letter says: ?Live music in the UK has been one of the UK?s greatest social, cultural and economic successes over the past decade.

"But without social distancing or financial support from the government, the future of concerts and festivals and the hundreds of thousands of people working in them seems bleak.

"Until these businesses can operate again, which could happen in 2021, government support will be essential to prevent massive bankruptcies and the end of this world-leading industry."

The letter calls for a "clear, conditional deadline" for the reopening of countries without social distancing, a "comprehensive package of business and employment support" and access to finance, plus a complete exemption from VAT on ticket sales.

Liam Gallagher said: "Amazing concerts don't happen without an amazing team behind the scenes, but they'll all be out of work, unless we can get back there by doing what we want."

Dua Lipa said: "It's extremely important for artists like me to talk and support the live music industry in the UK."

"If the government does not increase and support British art, we can really lose the vital aspects of our culture forever."

Also, hundreds of famous artists today (THARA) will start posting footage and photos of their latest live concert by writing #LetTheMusicPlay.

Fans will also be encouraged to post about the recent concert where they were present in support of the live music industry in the UK during the closing.