July has just started and we don’t know what the first days were like for you, but we know to tell you what are the luckiest signs for this month.

According to astrologers, there are two unfortunate signs of the horoscope for the month of July - Libra and Virgo.


The first place as the luckiest sign for July is Libra. This month will be difficult for Libra due to the unfavorable position of many planets. There will be negative impacts, especially in the workplace, and Libra, as highly related to the profession, will experience a lot. Saturn in Capricorn will slow everything down. On the other hand, Jupiter and Mercury make it difficult to find new contacts and opportunities for change.


For all those born in Virgo, July of this year will be critical, especially when it comes to feelings. Venus is unfavorable, therefore the tensions in the couple, already experienced by Virgo especially in recent months, will be emphasized even more.

But take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Perhaps this period will help you reflect on your relationship.