On the sidewalk in "The Sun" this Sunday was discussed "single mothers". As a child raised with divorced parents, dancer Graciano Tagani recounted his personal experience.

He said his parents divorced many years ago and he has felt the absence of a male figure at home. However, Graciano added that this has not led him to take the wrong direction in his life, because his mother has taken care not to miss anything.

"I am the case that I grew up with separate parents. I normally missed my dad's presence in the family, but it didn't affect my growth at all. While mom has always complemented me everything. I bow to such sacrifices and for me [single mothers] they are heroines ", said the dancer.

While Fjodora Fjora, who is a single mom, said that when her son sees the other children that both parents have, he asks her where her father is. She confessed that she tried to explain to them that there are many forms of family in the world - those that have mom and dad, those that have only dad, those that only have mom, and they may not have either. but have someone else very important to them.