It happens that someone does a lot of fitness, maintains a strict diet, has no health problems and still does not manage to lose weight! How is this explained? The five psychological barriers that can lead to a lack of desired results are:  

Being overweight is helpful

Yes, it is useful because we can connect our problems with being overweight:

Hasn't found the right man yet?

The dream job is still far away?

Unattainable life goals?

It is very appropriate to blame overweight for our problems because if there were no problems, it would be clear that the reasons for our problems are within us. Of course, no one wants to be disappointed in themselves, and that's exactly why we don't lose weight, even if we go to the gym regularly. Our subconscious does not let it happen.

It is an excellent excuse for our laziness

We all like to interrupt things until the next day, month or year. People who are overweight like to postpone their plans until the next life ... It's a great excuse: "I want to learn to jump, but I can't because I'm overweight. When I lose weight, then I start training every day. and I will become the star of all time! But, so far, I do not need to train so much. So I will just run a little in the evening and go to bed with a peaceful mind.

It’s a way to attract love and attention

Who doesn't want to hate? There are so many people around us who want to comfort us, feel sorry for us, want to take care of us, and we feel like the center of the universe. A strict diet and a tough trainer are great reasons for another lifestyle. Then why lose it?

It's a way to escape from the thoughts and emotions of an undesirable fell

Have you ever noticed that people under stress eat a lot, even if they are on a diet? It happens because they are unable to perceive their true emotions, especially if they have been accustomed to hiding them since childhood. This is why a feeling of anxiety is sometimes perceived as another sense: hunger, for example. As a result, instead of going to a psychotherapist who can teach us how to deal with emotions, people go to the fridge and this leads to a lack of results.

It’s a way to not solve the problem of self-esteem

Self-esteem is another psychological barrier to losing weight. If a person sitting in front of you likes to repeat words like: “My beautiful buttocks”, “Big cheeks are my style”, this guy unconsciously chooses to stay the way he is. The same assertion works with hereditary thoughts. "My mother was overweight and that's how I am." Well, if you want to continue the style of family overweight, it’s your choice, and there’s no need to torture yourself with exercise and diet. However, scientists claim that genetic overweight is not inevitable.