Albanian cinematography and scene are poorer, gloomier today! Because two of the artists who have given so much laughter and jokes to the public and the entire audience, have passed away today. The well-known actor of the Fier Variety, Fuat Boçi, and the other actor from Shkodra, Anton Krosaj, marked today with their departure a great loss for the Albanian scene and humor. The Fier actor from hundreds of roles in film and theater passed away at the age of 89, while the artist Krosaj passed away prematurely, after a battle with a serious illness from which he had been suffering for a long time. He was 54 years old and his friends and colleagues have shared with him all the pain of losing the artist.

Who was Fuat Boçi?

Fuat Boçi was born in 1931 in Voshtina and in 1938 his family moved to Fier. Boci has participated in about 160 premieres playing over 600 roles.

In addition to variety, he has played many roles in children's plays, as well as in the city puppet theater. Fuat Boçi holds the title "Honorary Citizen of Fier" and "Merited Artist".

Who was the famous humor actor from Shkodra Anton Krosaj?

Anton Krosaj was born on January 26, 1966 in Shkodra. He started as an actor with the Tobacco-Cigarette Factory, Shkodra. During this time he participated in many shows and played many roles in the shows of the Tobacco-Cigarette Factory. He then started as an actor with the Shkodra Professional Stage in 2003.

In 1985 he graduated from the Industrial High School. He has participated in several ART comedies directed by Arjan Culiqi. Some of them are 'Money from the sky', 'Piruet', 'My wife's weight', 'Zero pavilion', 'Characters in a trap', etc.