Most of the symptoms of COVID-19 have already been acknowledged and recognized by global health experts. These include fever, fever, difficulty breathing, and fatigue.

However, the headline of recent days has been the fact that COVID-19 causes loss of sense of smell and smell, one of the simplest pleasures of life that the pandemic took away from some people.

Why are people losing their senses as a result of Covid-19?

Experts explain that the sudden loss of these senses in some people is believed to be caused by an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the neurons that are responsible for distinguishing and identifying odor.

Tissues and cells are affected by inflammation and block the various molecules that reach the neurons and thus reduce or extinguish the senses.

Once the inflammation subsides, the senses may return spontaneously, but this is not always the case.

Until now, experts believe that a permanent loss of the senses can occur as a result of the trauma suffered by cells and tissues from inflammation.

This means that the latter has the capacity to cause irreparable damage to cellular tissue.

Do you have to worry if you lose your sense of taste and aroma?

Such a thing is known as Hyposmia and is not uncommon. This loss has also been observed in cases of cold, flu, dementia and now also COVID-19.

In fact 3 percent of the global population suffers from loss of sense of smell. But what is happening in the world is causing quite a bit of concern and is somewhat of a mystery.

Experts say that in some cases these senses can be restored in a few days while depending on the infection, these senses can even disappear once and for all.

On the other hand, a recent study has concluded that loss of smell as a result of COVID-19 may be closely related to the increased risk of developing depression and anxiety in people affected by this problem.

How to revive lost senses

US authorities in this area say that if you notice a loss of these senses you can undertake a simple treatment to revive and improve them.

It is about the essential oils of cinnamon, vanilla, orange, rose, mint and banana that have characteristic strong aromas and spicy taste.

Experts advise smelling these oils twice a day for 12 weeks in a row./AW/