Lots of attention girl! We are giving you an orientation of just four questions to avoid if you do not want to make your heart man nervous. Keep note!

1. Am I fat?

Men despise this question because there is no clear way to answer it correctly. If he says "No", the woman may accuse him of lying, but if he responds with brutal sincerity and says "No, but you can give up the ice cream", it will only hurt his feelings. Men are attracted to confident women and such questions make them look insecure.

2. How was your ex-girlfriend?

Before asking this question, consider your reasons. Are you trying to figure out what kind of women are attracted to him? Are you just curious? Are you afraid he will fall in love with her again? After answering these questions, consider whether the answer to this question is really important to you. Questions like this make you look insecure. That relationship didn’t work out for one or several reasons, so don’t give him a chance to go back.

3. Will you call me when you get to work / before bed?

Boys like to call their partners, but only when they want to, not because they think they should. If he feels compelled to call you and tell you every move, he will slowly start to feel rejected when he picks up the phone. His phone calls may make you feel safer, but wouldn't you want to pay more attention to him if you gave him the freedom to make his choices about how important he is to you and who cares for you? You will feel much better when you know he is doing this because he wants to and not because he is forced to.

4. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Most men do not have long-term plans for their relationship. They live the moment and enjoy every second spent with the woman they care about. This does not mean that men do not want things or long-term goals, but if they are committed to you now, they do not think about what will happen in ten years. He is happy with the way things are going and he just wants to keep going. Sometimes, insecure women ask such questions in an attempt to convince the boy to say that marriage, children or buying a house are part of his plans for the future. If you feel insecure about your relationship, it is good to ask questions about the future, but you should not ask questions about your plans after ten years if you are in a relationship of only six months.