A woman in love struggles to save a relationship, but if the partner does not do the same, she will stop forever! Women do not give up great love so easily!

In moments of crisis, they fight to the last to rediscover the flame of passion. It is in the nature of every woman not to give up anything or anyone so easily, but everything has a limit. When a woman thinks that despite all her efforts, the partner does not show the slightest interest in doing her part, she sees no choice but to continue alone.

Women believe in good things, especially in their partners. They are not naive to insist on a relationship that is heading towards failure. The point is, they return to good times, love, candlelight dinners, and in the name of all these wonderful experiences, they continue to fight for the well-being of a relationship.

However, even the most tolerant and persistent hearts sometimes get tired of an ingratitude and lack of empathy. When a woman finally loses hope for a man, it is over, there is no turning back.

Once a woman has proven her loyalty, trust and patience, she also gives up the couple’s most beautiful memories to go in search of the love and life she has always dreamed of.

In such moments, the husband will become aware of the wonderful partner who is letting him slip between his fingers. They realize that they depend on the love of their wives after losing them, when it may be too late for a second chance.

The man who does not value his wife should really be left alone, and in this way, perhaps he can understand the strength of a woman's love.