You have no luck in love? Maybe the problem is you and yes you can be the solution. Here are eight reasons why it is not working for you

You always push it for later

Theoretically, we can tell ourselves that we do not have to become a couple until we are better people ourselves, but with this excuse we can postpone it for a long time. How long will it take you to feel ready to build a relationship? Maybe we just find excuses to push it for later, to stay single as long as we can. If you need to change things in yourself, do not procrastinate. Remember that sometimes the partner can help us become better.

You do not know what you want

The girl with the sexy body is the baby and the smart girl is boring. The humorous boy is don zhuan, but the good one has no humor. You can not have them all, no one is perfect. Make a list of the top five things a partner will want, put them in perspective of what really matters, and stop getting people visas so easily.

You will leave the opportunities open

Part of your problem may be that you like to have open opportunities to be able to take advantage of the best. The ego may be pampered thinking you always have a chance. However keeping the nets underwater means nothing because you are not giving it a chance. Instead of behaving like that, you can go out and meet any fish and see if any are right.

You are dating people who are in a different phase of life

Maybe you are a man in his 30s who has a good job and a solid plan for the future. Maybe you are dating younger girls who do not know what they want, who have not found the right job, and who are not as mature as you. It would help if you went out with a person who is at the same stage of life as you.

You enjoy what you have

Maybe you are happy with the way things are and create relationships very simply. Maybe you are not getting what you need because you give the Moon in return for nothing and let’s just say it openly: People violate you because you have not set standards for how you deserve to be treated.

You hunt and leave the prey again

So are you really i or interested in someone until the moment she or he shows interest in you? If you tend to hunt and, once you catch the prey, set it free, you will remain single forever. You always want what you do not have, the mysterious one or the challenge. You are simply prey within your game, where loss is guaranteed and you will only win when you stop playing and change your mindset.

You are afraid of missing out on other opportunities

If you meet a fantastic person and jump headlong into this story, you may miss out on some other opportunities. And then what? Everyone has other options, but not everyone in a relationship thinks they are losing something. There is not much chance that the other options are better than the one near you, because surely for some reason you like it.

You are looking for people who want things completely different from you

Maybe you are a girl who is looking for a stable relationship, but still goes after the man who has made it clear that it is not for serious things. Or, you are the man who likes to date a lot of women, but finds women who want monogamy. So if you continue to date people who are not on the same page as you, you run the risk of getting burned.