Illustrative photo

By Lira Gjika

On one of the southern beaches, one of the ladies, who catches the situation for "horns", took the two-year-old child from the mother and put her in the sea, to teach her the "pleasure of water". The child began to scream in horror, but to no avail. The mother sat and watched with a laugh, and as if the indifferent mother were not enough, she was joined by other adults who laughed at the child's screams.

This macabre habit of adults, laughing or gasping with the little child, terrified of neglect and fear, continues to be a common practice without worrying about the consequences it may cause.

Parents, compassion is not an innate thing, it is learned and developed through the behavior of parents towards the child and then also by other adults close to the child.

Parents, beware of these behaviors of yours.

First, the fear does not go away by "slapping" the child in the water and laughing. This way only undermines the mechanisms of empathy. You may come to laugh, but the child is terrified.

Second, have you ever thought about how you would feel in such a situation, that you would be terrified and those in your hands would laugh and make fun of you?

Parents, do not play with your children's unformed emotions and do not be surprised if one day your child may become insensitive and indifferent to others. This is how you "cooked" it, with indifference and laughter when it was bad.