Most people think that if the phone falls into the water, this is the last punishment. Unlike most who have dropped their phone in the toilet, in a pool of water, at sea, in the pool or anywhere and who have finally given up their camera, for others this moment is not so terrible. If it has not happened to you personally, you are in luck, but it is not an impossible damage to be repaired.

However, the best advice as soon as your phone is in the water is to pull it out of the water as soon as possible, hold it upright, and gently tap it between your hands so that the water comes out. It is not necessary to turn off the phone, but leave it for a few hours in an airy environment or even in front of a fan.

Do not connect it to other accessories, such as the charger, until it is completely dry. Do not even use a hair dryer, which can damage the outside of your smartphone or screen. But it can happen that the phone falls into the bathroom or is the victim of a spilled glass. In this case, quickly rinse the phone with water, wipe with a dry cloth and let it dry naturally in an airy place.

If the smartphone is not water resistant

Things get complicated for smartphones that have no degree of protection from water. In this case, turn off the phone as soon as possible, remove the SIM card and the battery (if possible). Then hold vertically, so that the water comes out. It is important to wait half a day before turning on the phone again to see if it still works.

History of rice

One of the most common tips given in such cases is to place them in a box of rice, which is thought to help absorb moisture from the circles, promoting faster drying. However there is no indication that it offers a better result than leaving the smartphone in an airy environment.

You may have heard and practiced the rice rice method to dry your phone, but set this aside and try a more effective method.

Everyone knows that kind of gel (crystal) that usually comes along with new shoes or wallets. It's the time to save them, because they will help to remove moisture from the phone. This type of gel is quite porous and contains millions of small holes that absorb moisture, thus making it the perfect solution for wet phone.

Here's what to do if your phone falls into the water:

1. Turn off immediately to prevent short circuit burnout.

2. Wipe as much as you can with a clean cloth (gauze).

3. Disassemble the phone by removing any parts that you can clean from water, such as batteries, cards, etc.

4. Open the phone and allow air to enter.

5. Put all the parts of the phone in a bag with a few packets of shoe gel.

6. Wait at least 72 hours before testing the phone again. Once this time has elapsed, mount the phone and try to turn it on.