It often happens that food appears in dreams, but what does it mean when we see cherries in our sleep?

The elements seen in a dream are very different from each other. They range from animals, such as dogs and horses, to actions, such as crying or flying. Food can also be the protagonist of a dream image, especially when it comes to fruits. It has been observed that fruits often appear to a dreamer, each with his own meaning and interpretation. One fruit that normally takes on a positive meaning are cherries.

Before we move on to the different interpretations of the dream in which the cherries appear, it is necessary to understand the symbolism of this fruit and what it evokes in the collective imagination.

Love: cherries ripen in spring, the perfection of the season for the awakening of nature after the cold winter climates. Moreover, this season has always represented the birth of love. For this reason, the cherry often represents the feeling of love in dreams, fallen in different ways according to different details of the dream image. Normally it is the desire to fall in love, if you do not already have a partner, or to take an important step in the relationship if you are already in a couple, such as marriage.

Development: always for the time of year in which the cherries ripen show the emergence of new opportunities leading to success and a favorable economic situation. Maybe a job promotion or a new job is on the way.

Care : in the end, like most summer fruits, cherries evoke the carelessness and calmness typical of childhood. The dreamer may see this as a need for calm and lack of worries that are probably occupying his mind.

But what exactly do cherries represent in a dream?

If you have seen red and juicy cherries without taking any special action, then this dream may represent your desire to fall in love or take a decisive step in your love story that could be marriage. In fact, like most fruits, cherries evoke fertility. Therefore, seeing them in a dream, you can remember your desire to create a family and your desire for motherhood.

As we said, cherries represent economic success and prosperity. If it appears in a dream, it may mean that you have received or are planning a promotion in the workplace or achieving a goal that you have set for yourself for some time.

Whereas, dreaming of a cherry tree, ripe and beautiful red, is usually a positive omen. In fact, it represents joy and luck, which can be rejected both in the realm of love and in that of work.