Who would refuse an ice cream in this hot summer ?! Even if you are on a diet, on Sundays allow yourself some privileges. If you have not been tempted yet, you will probably give up when you learn the simple recipe brought by Sosela Ndina of @sunnykitchen_

Sosela Ndina, @sunnykitchen_

How to make chocolate ice cream and cherry jam! Ready ?!

Ingredients you need:

• 400 gr bread

• 150 gr of condensed milk (if you want it sweeter add more)

• 3 tablespoons cocoa

• 1 cup of crushed biscuits (brownies or other type)

• 3 - 4 tablespoons cherry jam

• 50 gr of dark chocolate, chopped with a knife

Method of preparation:

First something important to know: The container where you will put the ice cream, put in the ice the night before.

In a deep bowl toss the pan and beat with an electric beater until it becomes like a thin cream.

Mix the cocoa with the well condensed milk and add to the beaten pana. Mix. Add the biscuits and mix.

Pour the mixture into the cooled container. Discard the cherry jam with a spoon. Close with a lid and put in the freezer until it starts to thicken slightly.

After this time take out and toss the chopped chocolate on top. Put on ice until it thickens, minimum 8 hours (if you are impatient, prepare dinner so that you have it ready to consume the next day).

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