Napoleon Syndrome is a term used to describe the inferiority complex from which some short people suffer. Those who present this complex experience feelings of inadequacy, related to their stature.

These people compensate for short stature with negative behaviors, ranging from greater aggression to jealousy. It is not a mental disorder, that is why it does not appear in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Several psychological studies confirm the existence of Napoleon syndrome.

Characteristics of Napoleon syndrome

It seems that people with short stature are more likely to have negative feelings and thoughts towards others and themselves. By this logic, it can be thought that many of the short people who act defensively or aggressively suffer to some extent from Napoleon syndrome.

This complex seems to be more common in men, especially in those living in competitive environments. The Napoleonic complex can be described as a defense mechanism against certain social stigmas related to body height.

It is necessary to consider the fact that this complex may also be associated with a frustrating social stereotype. However, not all people of small stature are really aggressive or prone to shouting and talking too much to attract the attention of others and prove their worth. /