The most embarrassing question in any relationship: what is the number? Or "How many partners have you slept with?" To find the average number of partners a person has had and at the same time the feelings on the subject, a recent study surveyed more than 2,000 people in the US and Europe. From the study, the US average went up to 7.2 partners, while the European average 6.2.

In different parts of America, this average moves with extreme values. Thus, it starts with 2.6 in Utah, up to 15.7, in Louisiana, while in Europe from 5.4 in Italy, to 7.0 in England.

The survey also asked participants to say what number they consider "cautious" when faced with such a question.

Females responded 15.2, while males said 14. However, both genders agreed on the "ideal number" of partners one can have in one's life, 7.5 (females) and 7.5 (males).

Finally, when asked what number they think is "sexually very conservative", France, Portugal, USA, UK and Italy reported 2. While Austria was clear, saying the number seven of sexual partners is "i careful ". OK, Austria!