You no longer have to believe everything that is said under your breath. About sex and its various "theories", people have always spoken and often believed untrue - myths that over time people have told and, to a good extent, believed. But today we will talk about 5 myths, which you should not believe anymore.

Men think about sex every 7 seconds

To our fate, this is not true. If men were to think about sex every 7 seconds, that would mean 8000 times a day. Indeed, The Kinsey Institute found that 54 percent of men said they thought about sex several times a day and 43 percent said it happened to them several times a week.

Women, by nature, are less interested in sex

The Kinsey study above found that 19 percent of women think about sex many times a day and 63 percent a few times a week. This is not to say that women love sex less. According to a Kindara Fertility Awareness Survey, approximately 53 percent of women do not have as much sex as they would like to have.

Sex is a good exercise

Sure to burn a few calories, but you should not replace a sex session with a fitness session. Thirty minutes of sex can burn 85 to 150 calories, but this only happens if you are aerobically engaged for a full 30 minutes. 

Men reach the peak of pleasure in front of women

The idea of ​​a "sexual climax" does not depend much on gender. Throughout life, men and women experience both peaks and potholes when desire is lacking.

Sex is best at a young age

It is not meant to be. While sex when you are 20 and a little older can be more energetic, there is no science to support the idea of ​​a superior type of sex. Indeed, many men and women say they have more experiences to complement in the coming decades. And that's really to be enjoyed!

You can learn a lot about a guy from shoe numbers

Forgive us ladies and gentlemen, but you can not judge his business without looking at his business. Studies have shown that there is no correlation between penis size and shoe number. The same goes for the size of the nose, hands and any other part of the body.

The bigger, the better

This is a rumored theory, but also very exaggerated. The relationship between size and satisfaction is exaggerated. It depends on the preferences of each, it is only important in terms of size that they match.