Have you ever, after putting on lipstick, asked yourself in the mirror, "Am I or am I Kylie Jenner?" But then, as soon as you open your mouth, half of the lipstick has stained your teeth? Yes, it happens to most of us. When lipstick stays on your teeth it is the most annoying thing that can happen to you.However, there are some ways to prevent it.

Try the "finger in the mouth" method

OK, that sounds weird, but it 's an old trick. After applying lipstick, open your mouth in an O-shape. Insert the index finger horizontally into the mouth, halfway, and then slide. Any lipstick mark that would remain inside the mouth is now on the finger. Isn't it very simple?

Use lipstick base first

Before using lipstick, first apply a foundation. This way will not only help the color stay longer, but also will not transfer the color to the teeth so easily.

Apply the lipstick with a brush

If you apply lipstick with a brush, spreading on the lip is more accurate. This is a way to spend more time, but it is more valuable if you do not want to be left red in your teeth.