Hello my friends!

We all know that choosing a baby name is a challenge in itself for new parents who want to avoid conservative names.

If you are in sweet expectation and your baby is a girl, below are 10 French name suggestions for girls that have always resisted:


1. Genevieve (Zheneviv)

This name represents the female gender. Wouldn't you like a feminist name for your daughter?


2. Margot (Margot)

Margot means gem. A class name.


3. Violet (Violet)

A beautiful flower name, that sounds just as beautiful.


4. Charlotte (Sharlot)

The most heard name in the beautiful streets of Paris.


5. Giselle (Xhisel)

A classic name for ballerinas. Will you become the mom of a 'Giselle'?


6. Juliet (Zhuliet)

Inspired by the most beautiful love story, Juliet of Romeo.


7. Brigitte (Brixhit)

Same as the famous French icon, Brigitte Bardot.


8. Chloe (Kloe)

A sensual name for sensual girls.


9. Bernadette (Bernadet)

Name that signifies strength and will.


10. Chanel

An ideal name for a future fashionista.