If you are following a diet to lose weight, insomnia is also a problem in itself. When you do not get enough sleep, the first thing that comes to mind the next day is a heavy breakfast with dough and sugar, starting the day unhealthily. This vicious cycle begins, in fact, with the wrong drinks before bed. Learn what they are, so as not to repeat the mistakes.


It is common for dinner to occupy you while resting with a glass of wine in hand. But if after a glass, comes a second or third, it will hurt you, because here the sleep cycle is affected. A recent study on alcoholism notes that: "Although summer gives you a sleepy state, as a start, later it begins to slowly disrupt sleep and lead to a disturbing night."

Also remember that every glass of wine contains more than 100 calories, so even wine does not help you if you are going to lose weight. Finally eliminate the second glass of wine, if you want to have a restful sleep and if you will see the results of weight loss in a short time.

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are also not a good choice before bed. The caffeine they contain will keep you awake all night. In addition, carbonated drinks also have a high sugar content, which adds calories without having any opportunity to burn them. "Indeed, carbonated beverages are the only product that directly affects the cause of obesity."