Are you in a relationship, maybe even in love and still feel unhappy and unhappy with your partner? Is that really how it should be? Maybe everything you thought you knew about love is wrong because when you are with your partner you do not feel crazy about him, you do not feel butterflies in your stomach… what you feel is almost anxiety. Here are four signs that indicate if you are in a relationship that is poisoning you every day a little.


Criticism can be valuable when one partner points out a problem that the other does not notice. This is how healthy relationships work, but when the problem is over, so should criticism. In a toxic relationship, everything one does, the other has in the target to oppose and often in front of other people. This goes beyond the joke: this criticism is often harsh and hurtful. Behind a chronic critic is a person whose low self-esteem makes him find flaws in his partner due to his insecurities. Critics need to correct themselves first, or else they may be left without partners to criticize.


The dynamics of power in a relationship can be deceptive. Sometimes a partner leads convincingly. This is not a problem when the other person will not lead, but it can also happen that the other person feels as if he has no right to decide for himself. Control limits people and deprives them of many rights. And if the controlling partner takes them through the holidays, the other feels isolated from the world, imprisoned because he did not choose for himself. Someone has to change, otherwise everyone will look for different solutions.

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It is normal to keep some things to yourself, but it is different to be closed to yourself. Closing means not showing what you feel to protect the other from injury. This may seem like a good thing, but it is poisonous because it is wrong: the other person has no idea what it is about and can never fix that problem by not knowing its existence. The rift spreads and it is very likely that the relationship will split in two. Open it, or else you will have to collect the broken pieces.


There is no clearer sign of toxic relationship than when the partner lies. Some liars are so adept that they seem to believe their lies and blame you for not believing them. This is the most toxic feature of the list. If one day you are to be discovered you will surely be left with your finger in your mouth.