There are 2 main reasons why people spend more money than they should-they want to feel better while approaching pleasure and thus seem to take away the pain. By buying a new dress or something more expensive, like a phone, we entertain ourselves and distract ourselves from the real problems we may be facing.

There are several reasons why we feel an inexplicable desire to buy more and more.

You hope to impress other people

Natural resources are limited and as far as Darwin's theory of evolution is concerned, people should compete with them and try to claim as much as possible for their well-being. But once all our basic needs are met, consumption ends up leaving the country with something else. This has made people show their wealth and importance to the rest of the world by buying more and more things they really do not need.

What to do in this case : Remember that feeling good is more important than looking good. Let’s be honest, an expensive sweater doesn’t make you feel better in the long run. And you with the same money, you can enjoy a trip with friends.

You are jealous of people who have more

We like to compare ourselves to the people around us. It "forces" us to buy things just because our friends have them too, not because we really need them. Also, we are more selfish than we want to admit. When we talk about the past, we always mention the "survival of the fittest", but in fact it is not very different today. We seek to increase the size of our personal kingdom by buying more things than others.

You feel like you are not in control of life

We believe that owning material possessions will make us feel more secure. This is true in the case of our basic needs, such as a roof or clothing, but we tend to have the feeling that excessive possession will give us more security. Although this may give us a sense of security for a short time, it is less stable than we would like to believe.

You are upset

The most common reason for buying things is simple - boredom. When we have nothing else to do, when we do not have a goal, we just get something new to fix our day and we believe it will make us happy.