When it comes to children, parents become more sensitive and always try to offer a comfortable life to their children. But even children, on the other hand, should contribute to the whole family having a peaceful life. Why not prepare a cookbook for you, instead of watching TikTok for hours?

In order to avoid children's tears and do all the housework yourself, you need to make your heart stone, as according to some recent studies, it turns out that children who do housework become more successful. "By making them work, dumping garbage or washing their clothes, you make them realize that they have to do work in life to be a part of it," said Lythcott Haims, a psychologist and former dean at the University of Stanford, England.

She also believes that children who grow up doing housework will be better employees in the future and will have the ability to collaborate with their colleagues. In this case, you too will be relieved of some housework by entrusting them.