Many people may have wondered what effect lack of sex can have on your body: "Sex helps to get emotionally close to someone and reduce stress. It serves the heart, increases its heart rate and makes it "Burn more calories," says Sari Cooper, a certified sex therapist. , - continues Cooper.

However, not everyone has a regular sex life. We often hear that even married couples have little sex.

The question that comes naturally in this case is: If we do not have sex, do we harm our body? "While some people make progress and are productive even when they do not have sex regularly, others may be prone to stress-related illnesses due to the deep need for sex," says Cooper.

Even though you are not gaining weight or experiencing an increase in blood pressure just because you are not having regular sex, the body cannot benefit from what it does not have. "Sex is one of those things that people do not think much about if they have time without intercourse, so their erotic fantasies stop for a while."

Cooper says that the longer you are sexually active, the more aware you are of your erotic side and this increases libido and, consequently, you will also benefit from the positive sides of sex.

Some of the most common consequences that come from lack of sex are:

Vaginal oil lubrication.

Feel more anxious.

Male erectile dysfunction.

The man should do a prostate health check.

Feel more stressed.

You get colds and viruses more often because you lose your immunity.

But there is also a positive side: the risk of infections decreases…