Invited to the show "Rudina" on TV Klan, the famous singer Blero, in addition to his projects, has shown how he passed Covid-19. As the singer said, he did not know this and when he did a blood test in June that he needed for the concerts, it turned out that he passed Covid.

The singer thinks that he may have spent it since February, after returning from a concert in Milan, he is very ill with the flu, but he spent it without going to the hospital.

In February I was in Milan even when I came back I got very ill and pass. When I did the test in early June, it came out positive and then it came out negative through the blood and I was told you have antibodies and you passed. After February, I do not remember any stage that I was bad. I have always adhered to the rules.

Are you happy now that you have passed Covid, that you are free?

I think we should beware until the vaccine arrives.