Green tea before bed is one of the most recommended drinks from studies to make a restful and healthy sleep. But you should be careful to choose decaffeinated green tea. Even the selection of this type of tea is quite important. Listed below are three main reasons why you should drink tea before bed.

Helps soothe

From almost all studies conducted in this regard, it has been found that green tea helps to calm the nerves and for a state of relaxation, both quite important to get a restful sleep at night and to be more energetic in the morning.

Improves metabolism

Studies have shown that restful and healthy sleep directly affects the body's metabolism. A healthy metabolic system ensures a body in good physical shape and excellent skin. Irregular sleep and incomplete diet can affect weight gain because it slows down the metabolism. Green tea before bed ensures metabolism in optimal working condition.

Cleanses the body of toxins

During the day, the body accumulates a lot of toxins, which become harmful if it continues to be considered insignificant or underestimated. Drinking green tea in the evening, at a time when all foods are stored, helps the body cleanse itself of toxins and feel lighter.