One of the most important meals of the day, faster, simpler and healthier can be accomplished with a delicious smoothie cream. If you are worried about the amount of sugar and carbohydrates, here is the explanation from certified dietitian Leslie Langevin, (MS, RD, CD at 'Whole Health Nutrition'), who advises how you can enjoy a smoothie for breakfast without skipping it. mass of sugar.

All nutritionists agree on one point: the sugar in a smoothie should not exceed the amount of 10 grams and the sugar we get from fruits is different from the sugar that is taken along with fiber, vitamins or other minerals. Sugar, at any time can cause a large increase in blood sugar levels: “A smoothie with all fruits would be a very good breakfast idea, but it is very important to know that this way significantly increases blood sugar levels "- says dietitian. Thus, the best solution that nutritionists suggest is to combine fruits with vegetables, so that you feel full, as well as not to overdo it with sugar:

1. Along with protein and carbohydrates comes sugar. To keep the sugar level in optimal condition, choose the amount between 50 and 60 gr of carbohydrates per day.

2. As many fruits that have low sugar content as berries, blueberries, strawberries.

3. The fiber in a smoothie should not exceed the amount of 10 grams, so in selected fruits with a little sugar, add spinach or kale, broccoli, nuts, almonds or even seeds. These ingredients will help you to be in a full state all day.

4. Protein in a smoothie should also not exceed the set amount (10 to 15 grams). Fiber is provided in nuts, beans, natural yogurt (always check the label to see the lowest sugar content).

5. Another thing that should not be overlooked is the addition of supplements to the blender. Honey is a good alternative to add to smoothies, but even if you choose other supplements, you should not add more than a teaspoon.