The question "how much do you get paid?" is one of the most embarrassing you can face, but there are people who do not avoid it, on the contrary also show how much they are actually paid. There are others who not only consider it a violation of privacy, but often also find it difficult to give an honest answer.

Bieta Sulo does not seem to be in the group of people who get embarrassed when asked about salary. Of course, given the fact that he talks about the salary of 15 years ago.

In today's program of " Invitation to 5 ", sharing with the public the experiences of different jobs with the guests in the studio, Bieta confessed that her first job was on Top Channel, where the moderator and author of the afternoon program continues to work even today. But 15 years ago, her salary was certainly modest.

" I started it on Top Channel 15 years ago and the first salary was 350 thousand old lek" , - said Bieta.

Pak? Or enough for 15 years ago?