We often do not pay attention to the world days that are celebrated from time to time. Perhaps because we take certain things for granted in life, or at best, we give them the same importance every day and not just a certain day.

October 1 is dedicated to the elderly, grandparents who so lovingly wait for grandchildren to come to life. To those who, even for a single day, have taken care of the most precious thing their children have given them.

There are times when for our own good they become annoying or tedious. There are times when we cancel a visit to them for something more "urgent". There are also times when we forget how much they need a warm hug. For a sweet word. For the words they themselves have taught us, since they held us in their arms.

You will never hear them complain, they usually try to be strong and not stand out. Even if they complain, what they want to convey to you in the end is the message that in life you have to be strong and full of patience. They want to look at us as happy as they were when they were young. This is also the reason they invest for our future. 

And in exchange do you know what they want? Nothing more than a loving hug. And words that carry the burden of memories, moments and feelings. "I love you!"