It often happens that we make mistakes even with fluids and get more glucose as the body needs (especially when we do not have the necessary knowledge about the amount your body needs).

Although, it is no surprise, nutritionists insist on being careful with the amount of salt and sugar because they are great contributors to weight gain. While the juices you should NOT drink at dinner to have a restful sleep, but also to not gain more pounds, are probably a surprise.

Stay away from milk as much as possible. Lactose can cause digestive problems when you are actually trying not to add more. Lactose is sugar and can also cause waking up in the middle of the night due to hunger. Just do not do it!

Coffee, as it is known, is not a good idea to drink at dinner. Like milk, coffee keeps you awake for a long time. Lack of sleep also causes you to eat something else later. Instead of coffee, choose green tea, chamomile tea or other soothing (sugar-free) teas that help you fall asleep.