With the end of the beach season and the drop in temperatures, many girls feel the need to change their appearance and when we talk about change of appearance we are certainly talking about hair dye. If you are looking to change the color this fall, try adding gray and cool tones to your hair.

According to famous girls hairdresser (Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski), Jenna Perry, gray-brown tones are the perfect color this season and work best on people with cool or neutral skin tones.

Gray to brown hair can be created through some subtle highlights or with a balayage if you are looking for a total transformation. This is also the perfect way to try the silver hair trend without regretting or ruining hair that has natural dark color.

Below, you can be inspired by famous girls who have embraced this trend. Take a look at the photos before scheduling a meeting at the salon. For any questions or suggestions, you can contact Class Hair And Make Up by contacting +355696095693.

Ariana Grande


Taylor Swift

Gigi Hadid

Lily-Rose Depp

Tyra Banks

Jessica Alba

Blake Lively

Shay Mitchell

Jennifer Lopez