The weather has started to cool down enough, but you are probably not ready to put aside the open-toed shoes you cherish until spring. The trend that comes from catwalks is quite modern: open-toed shoes or sandals can also be worn with thick tights. If you have thought that you can postpone the time of wearing tights as much as possible, then why not think of postponing the time of wearing open shoes even more?

There are some rules for doing this.

Make sure the tights are new

This means they have no strands removed or damaged marks on the heels. You will have plenty of looks around with this look, so make sure the nylon of the tights is new and clean.

Avoid the tights stitch

Remove or hide the seam of the tights under the sole of the foot so that it does not appear on the toes. This look will show you the toes more beautifully.

Avoid wrinkles on the ankle

As you try to hide the seam under the foot, also try to pull the tights as far as you can, so as not to create wrinkles in the ankle.

Choose the right shoes

In fact, not every type of shoe can look beautiful with this type of look. It is best for this type of trend to use open shoes with low heels, which are usually worn by ballerinas (even with a little platform), which have a lot of space on the tops. So is the style of the shoe up to the ankle. Do not choose anything that could complicate the look, because then the dress becomes delicate.