A psychologist has discovered eight types of partners, which determine how a relationship works. Psychologist Karen Nimmo, explained in an article for Medium, that they had eight types of partners, after a first-hand research.

She wrote: "Our styles, or types, are a combination of biology, temperament, emotional history, experiences or reactions that the world has thrown at us."

Understanding which 'type' describes you best in a relationship can help you better understand the type of relationship.

Are you an 'evader' ?

Avoiders are people who struggle with dedication, keeping "one foot out" of their relationship. Take care not to give 100% to your partner.

What does this mean for your relationship?

Avoiders need extra security, as they may have been disappointed in previous relationships. They are never ready for the word "forever".

Are you a 'pleasure' ?

This includes people who want to put endless pleasure into their relationship. They also sacrifice their dreams or needs if necessary to make others happy.

What does this mean for your relationship?

If so, you need to start thinking more about yourself. Otherwise you may feel tired or angry if you do not get back what you offer. If your partner is like that you should support him and gradually lead him towards self-compassion.

Are you 'worried '?

Those who are worried in a relationship are distracted by what has happened to them in the past or worry about what will happen in the future. Insecurity is their worst enemy. According to the psychologist, these couples are more united when they are busy or when they experience crises in their relationship.

What does this mean for your relationship?

If your partner is the anxious type most of the time, he or she is in dire need of reassurance. They may also want to take on the role of planner in the relationship, and you need to let that happen. It may take patience on your part but remember that they do it for the well-being of the relationship.

Are you an 'anchor' ?

This includes partners who are very cautious and based on solid arguments. They are described as "precious partners". In strong discussions even though they know they are right they still pay attention to the other party. They are valued as an "anchor" because they can maintain a balanced bond.

What does this mean for your relationship?

Almost only good things!

Are you a supporter ?

If you have ever been described as your partner's "defense lawyer", then it's quite good that you are a supporter. The moment you have a supportive partner it means you have a stable and reliable partner.

What does this mean for your relationship?

This means that if you have a supportive partner you have to work hard to qualify as such.

Are you a 'chameleon' ?

Chameleons have less fixed behavior like other types. They change their thoughts and behaviors based on their feelings.

What does this mean for your relationship?

Having a partner with changeable behaviors is difficult because you never know what awaits you. So take careful steps.