Ok, everyone is free to choose the hair color they want, depending on what you think suits you best, is the color you like and fits the style. However, if you are curious to know which hair color suits you best, based on your horoscope sign - then here is what you need to know.

Scorpio - the red of summer

Scorpio is brave, stubborn, but very loyal. If you become friends with a Scorpio, it usually means that you will be friends for life. A Scorpio makes great sacrifices to protect friends and family to the end, not even hesitating to violate themselves so that everyone else is well. Sometimes, Scorpio natives can be quite emotional and not afraid to express their feelings, but this is their way of showing how careful they are.

What goes in their hair is the red color of summer, most suitable for those born under this sign, because it reflects their emotional side, the depth of their soul and their rare feelings.