Of course, everyone's day starts with breakfast. Someone drinks it at home, someone in the cafe and someone else in the office. We all turn to coffee, whether we eat breakfast or not.

Coffee is one of the most important drinks to start the day every morning. It has been transformed into an extremely necessary ingredient for an energetic morning.

Studies confirm that people can give up alcohol, but find it impossible to give up morning coffee. The study, in fact, does not apply to everyone, but underscores the importance of coffee in the lives of many people.

However, some prefer to drink coffee without other additives such as sugar, and some do not even think of bitter coffee without having a little sweetness.

But how healthy is sugary coffee and what is the recommended amount of sugar to be thrown away according to the amount of coffee you drink?

All nutritionist tips come together in one point: Do not overdo it with sugar!

According to the data, for a small cup of normal espresso coffee, which contains 30 ml of liquid coffee, the tolerable amount possible to add sugar is only 3.1 grams.

Which means less than a teaspoon of sugar or a little teaspoon.

According to various studies, a full teaspoon of sugar in a cup of espresso coffee increases the percentage of sugar to a higher than the amount of sugar contained in a glass of coca-cola.

The same goes for Turkish coffee, which is usually prepared at home.

Meanwhile, for a large cup of cappuccino, which contains 25 ml of coffee and 85 ml of milk the tolerable amount possible to add sugar is only 7 grams.

Which means less than two teaspoons of sugar.

So a little teaspoon.

The daily amount recommended by the WHO

The World Health Organization recommends an amount of 25 g of sugar as a healthy and permissible daily amount.

In other words, 6 teaspoons of sugar.

But beware, this amount is recommended throughout the day depending on the foods you consume including coffee along with other foods./AgroWeb.org/