Çomleku sounds like a simple dish to cook. Practically, it is believed that it is a self-made cooking, but this does not mean that with it you can make mistakes that alienate the taste.

AgroWeb.org comes to your aid this time telling you what mistakes you should avoid, so that the rye has its own unique taste.

Water or gravy

Meat and vegetables do not necessarily need to be boiled in water. Experts recommend boiled beef, bone or boiled beef broth.

Type of meat

The shoulder area is the best piece of meat suitable for a fork. The tissues it contains melt during slow cooking and become gelatinous giving the dish a full and fantastic taste.

Frying the meat

Once you have cut the meat into cubes, you need to fry it to release a range of almost magical aromas and flavors. The cubes should be fried on all sides at a high temperature and lightly browned.

The thickness of the liquid

Çomlek is not like soup. The liquid should be thick, but the thickness quite natural. This means not using flour or starch for thickening the juice, as these products will interfere with the quality of the meat. Potatoes for example provide the necessary thickness for a tasty and healthy pancake.

Cooking time

The pot requires an hour or so to be properly cooked. But if you want to add more vegetables, carrots and potatoes need less time. For this reason, experts recommend that such vegetables be put into cooking 20 minutes before it is finished.


A good pot requires a little wine, vinegar or even lemon juice. Fresh thyme can be tossed 30 minutes before the end of cooking.

Lemon juice can do wonders in a pot

You can improve its taste by mixing a little parsley, garlic and lemon, three ingredients that will enliven your taste.


There is no reason why you should wait too long to try the bread you have cooked. But when you try the leftover dish the next day, you will be amazed by the wonderful taste of the meat and the enriched harmony of vegetables and spices.