Now is the time to get back from grandma’s recipes. Everyone remembers her care at such a time of year, when the weather is cold and the viruses have affected not only children but also adults.

In fact, Dr. Keith Roach, an assistant professor at New York City's Weill Cornell Medicine Clinic, says the rituals we all do that have no scientific basis can work - even because he believes in them: "The effect of natural sedatives is tremendous. ", - he says.

A Latin recipe, but later spread all over the world, is a very good natural cure that doctors advise for cold weather, viruses and coughs.

Although he advises that for every home use beware of many ingredients that can be a source of germs or infections, for cough a simple and quite effective cure is that of onion honey.

Homemade honey and onion

As is well known, grandmothers have advised honey whenever we have had throat problems. Honey and onion is a traditional blend from the Dominican Republic. A type of syrup formed from onion juice and honey together creates a soothing throat, as well as cleansing the mucosa and phlegm:

"Honey soothes the throat, so if you drink it without accompaniment, add it to tea or other ingredients, it will immediately reduce cough," says Roach.

Try it and see the immediate result.