A city in Mississippi had a massive blockage of pipes due to a local kiln washing equipment with dough in its sinks. Indeed, everyone should know whether or not certain products should be thrown in the sink. Some materials need to be thrown in the bin and not washed in the sink where the water leads to the pipes. If you do not want to spend time with sink unblockers or spend on plumbing services, remind yourself what are the materials that block pipes and pollute water.

Cooking oil

Oils are the main contributors to blockage of pipes and combine with other wastes creating that adhesive that coats pipes. This includes mayonnaise and salad dressings.

Butter and margarine

Especially when melted, butter and margarine can freeze and increase volume creating resistant barriers.

Blush oil and other fats

Like oils, residual fats or oil from frying bacon or other types of meat can freeze, clogging the tubes and turning into glue for other particles that accumulate inside the tubes.

Egg shells

The eggshells are strong on the outside and the membranes can be wrapped around the tubes. When too crumbly, small crust particles can create other blockages. Better to throw them in the bin.

Coffee grounds

Since it is not completely soluble in water, when the powder mixes with the oil or fat that the pipes are currently wearing, you have a big mess. The dust should be thrown in the basket or better still in the flower pots.


The pasta will continue to swell in contact with the water every time you turn on the faucet and the sticky bran flour can block the tubes.


Rice grains can easily slide into the sink, but once dropped there will absorb more water and swell.


Flour + water = adhesive. You are clear.

Adhesive labels of products

They fall easily into the sink when washing products, but plastic and adhesive labels rarely dissolve in water and can clog filters at the bottom of pipes.


If there is no damage to the tubes, throwing the medicine into the water is harmful to humans and animals. If you want to be safe you have to throw them in the bin, closed.