A study by the Austrian medical school 'MediUni Vienna' says that vitamin A can actually work for weight loss, especially when the weather gets colder.

The study demonstrates that vitamin A stimulates the fat burning process.

The study scientists, led by the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, assessed the blood levels of the people who took part in the experiment and what they noticed was that exposure to the cold stimulated the redistribution of vitamin A from the liver to adipose tissue by stimulating its burning. .

Some of the foods that contain vitamin A are:

-Red spear


-Beef liver

-Sweet potatoes




Vitamin A is also very effective for skin health, giving it more radiance.

It is also essential to our vision because, along with its precursors, carotenoids, it is an integral part of rhodopsin, a substance present in the retina that gives the eye sensitivity to light.